The Meyerstown Secret

This is the shocking and disturbing story of The Meyerstown Psychiatric Hospital.

As more info is gathered and verified, to the best of my knowledge, it will be posted in the CASE FILE section.

The Meyerstown Psychiatric Hospital now lies abandoned and derelict; it has done now for some 40 years. By all accounts, although no one has ever admitted it, it was a Hell hole for those that were sent there. Visitors and those ‘in charge’ would never get to see ‘below the surface’ of what was really happening.

The patients where treated with so much unimaginable cruelty that only those with with a more disturbed mind, than those that were sent there, could think of doing to another person… another human being!

Some patients were force fed blended up food that was fed through a tube which was inserted down their throat and pumped straight into their gut until it was fit to burst and then 3 or 4 nurses would take it in turns punching them in the stomach… just for the fun of it.

Others would be tied face down to a bed, and receive lashes from a leather belt which had metal studs in it. Afterwards, a bucket of water would be thrown over them to wash some of the blood off, then they would throw salt on their wounds.

The poor bastard would be screaming for them to stop, but the nurses just stood around, watching and laughing.

Some of the more disturbed paitients would express their anger by trying to bite the orderlies, which resulted in them being sedated and taken to the dental department, where the dentist would stitch their tongue to their bottom lip, and when the patient’s regained consciousness they would pull out their top teeth without any anesthetic being administered. They would leave him or her in a room for 3 or 4 days, with only the minimal amount of water they needed to drink.

The women’s wing was run by 3 sadistic nurses, 1 female and 2 male, the women in there were treated with total degradation.

The female nurse would administer a mild sleeping pill to some of the women and then watch as the 2 male nurses did as they pleased with them, then afterwards, the 3 nurses would have a three some on one of the empty beds, regardless of who was watching.

The food that they were given was not even fit for a dog to eat. It was a mix of rancid meat and rotting vegetables; no wonder some of them became so ill.

Those that got diarrhea would be made to wear their garments or left to lay in bed all day in their own faeces, and then later, they would be taken down to the shower block, hosed down with freezing cold water and redressed in their wet clothes..for some this was the only rare occasion where their clothes and they actually got washed.

On many occasions, when patients would be sent for E.C.T., or electric shock treatment as it’s more commonly known, they would be given twice, or even 3 times the amount of voltage deemed safe. Sometimes they would attach the electrodes to the patients genitals, just for the doctors own sick twisted pleasure, and if the patient wet themselves or defecated, they would be punished by having a metal fire bucket placed on their heads then a nurse would beat it like a drum as hard as they could, several times with a metal soup ladle from the kitchen. This would give the nurse enormous pleasure… it was almost a case of the lunatics running the asylum.

It’s said that some private ‘medical’ company took over the running of the hospital for a couple of years, and for most of that time the place was on virtual lock down. The private company brought in their own medical team, and nearly all of the former nursing staff were paid off handsomely, and reportedly told that any mention of what went on before their ‘early retirement’ would result in them being sued, or ‘having an unfortunate accident’.

The patients were categorised in order of their size, age, weight, height and mental state, and those that were to old were taken to another part of the hospital, where they were kept quiet with a daily hit of a ‘liquid cosh’, at least their days of beatings and mistreatment were over, which is more than can be said for the rest that were left… they had no idea of what was going to happen to them.

At first they were treated humanely.. fed decent food, given vitamins, because most of them were malnourished and weak, and given medical care for the injuries inflicted by the former staff that worked there.

Other patients from different hospitals and even some prisoners, allegedly, who were considered slightly more sane were transferred to Meyerstown hospital.

It had the image of a hospital that cared for its patients instead of abusing them. At the start patients were granted ‘freedom’, if you can call walking the halls of the hospital ‘freedom’, in exchange for taking new drugs that could see them ‘being released one day’, or so they were told. Some where given placebos and of course they had no affect on them, while others were given experimental drugs. Some actually did good, and some brought about horrendous physical side effects..the hospital wasn’t interested in the ones that did good.

Some of the patients went blind, some came out in painful pus filled boils or blisters that seemed to burn the skin to a crisp once they had burst or had been jabbed with a needle by the medical staff.

4 of the patients were kept in a ward separate from the others where they were intravenously fed drugs that saw their feet and hands turn black and rotten, before literally turning to mush…those 4 reportedly left the hospital in a box, and no trace was ever found of them being  patients there.

Apparently, those who wore spectacles or who had poor eyesight, 5 in total, where each taken over a 5 day period to a room, where they were secured into a chair and injected into each eye with a drug.

The first patient wasn’t affected by the first dose that he was given, over the 5 days, each patients dosage was upped.

On day 2 the patient complained that his eyes became itchy but nothing serious.

Day 3, again the dosage was increased, this time, the patient complained that her eyes were burning and stinging and, watered porfusely to point that she could no longer open them.

Day 4, the dosage was double from the previous day. This time, the patient was in total agony and complained of immense pressure behind the eyes; both of his eyeballs had almost doubled in size and had filled with blood. He even had tears of blood streaming down his cheeks, and his face had swollen up, leaving him looking like someone that had had an allergic reaction to something.

Day 5, patient 5 and the dosage was basically unlimited. She was placed in the chair, whilst being observed by at least 6 doctors who just stood and watched. Not once did any of them, ever, intervene at any point during the experiment to help or give medical attention.

The patient was injected with a syringe full of the drug in each eye, and within no more than 5 minutes she was screaming in agony. She had blood coming from the pores of her skin, because her whole head had swollen to twice the size of the last patient, and her eyes swelled to point that they just exploded…making a bloody mess around the room and leaving 2 empty eye sockets.

Within 10 minutes she was dead and totally unrecognizable from how she looked when she first entered the room.

She was taken out of the chair, placed on a trolley and apparently wheeled to a room where all the others that didn’t survive were taken, and later, after a few tests, their bodies were either put in body bags or cheaply made coffins, loaded in to an ‘ambulance’ and driven to who knows where!

One of the hospital rooms was apparently turned into an airtight chamber, with pipes attached to the outside of it, and vents on the inside. It had room for maybe 3 or 4 people to fit inside, with space for them to stand up and move around. It also had what was described as ‘4 port hole type looking windows’, each set about 3ft apart. At the front of the chamber, about 6ft away from it, was a desk with 2 monitors on it, along with a control panel with buttons and dials on.

3 fit and healthy looking men- 1 was smaller than the other 2- were placed inside the chamber and told that everything would be ok and that they would only be in there for a few hours.

After about 2 hours a switch was flicked, and a white smoke looking gas started filling the chamber. The 3 men were told not to worry and to stay calm, as they were just ‘purifying’ the air. Within around 20 minutes, the men appeared to be in confused looking state, and again were told to stay calm as this was just the affect of ‘pure oxygen’. The people on the outside of the chamber just stood and observed, while every now and again, they would write something down or turn a dial on the control panel.

About an hour later, another switch was flicked, and another type of gas was pumped inside the chamber; only this time, no one spoke to the men, or tried to reassure them that everything was going to be ok.

The mens attitudes towards each other became aggressive, with the 2 bigger men turning on the smaller man..a little more gas was released into the chamber.

The next moment, the bigger men savagely attacked the smaller man. One of the men sat on the smaller mans chest, while the other man kneeled in front of him on the floor, put his hands on either side of his head, and began to push his thumbs into his eye sockets, bursting his eyeballs while the other just laughed. He then grabbed hold of the mans bottom jaw, and virtually tore it off.

Not one of the people observing reacted, or asked for the experiment to be stopped. They just stood and carried writing and turning dials.

A third gas was pumped in, and the 2 men began bleeding from their nose and ears.

They began fighting each other as savagely as they had with the smaller man; they where kicking, punching and biting each other. One man had his nose and ear bitten off, while the other man was bleeding heavily from an horrific bite wound to the side of his neck. The man with the missing nose and ear was the only one left standing inside.

A final gas was pumped into the chamber, and the man fell to the ground, after about 20 minutes when it was given the all clear, the doors where opened and the bodies examined. 2 men where dead, and the other man was barely breathing. They took some blood from him, then injected him with something and the man stopped breathing.

All 3 bodies where put on trolleys, taken down the corridor and placed in the usual room. It seemed that the drug tests on the patients had now turned in to chemical testing on humans.

The hospital finally closed, after rumours started circulating about what actually went on, but the reason given was that,  ‘Due to government funding the Meyerstown Psychiatric Hospital Will be closed down’.

No one in charge, or anyone that worked there for that matter, would talk about what really happened behind closed doors.

The patients that got transferred to other hospitals had slipped to far into insanity, or to mentally traumatised, to tell what really happened.

Sometimes at night shadows, or figures of former patients, are said to be seen; stood at the Windows, desperately trying to get the attention of anyone who happens to notice them. Those that are brave enough to enter the building, are said to have heard the screams from those that were basically tortured and tormented, and the sick laughter of the sadistic nurses that worked there can also be heard.

Reportedly, only one person has ever dared talk about some of things that happened in the now abandoned hospital. He said he was one of the medical staff that worked there until it closed.

He said that any evidence of what happened..all the paperwork, photographs, patient records, medical histories, staff records.. EVERYTHING, was destroyed before the medical company vacated the hospital.

He said that he was dying of cancer, and didn’t care what happened to him if he told his story, he just wanted the truth to be told, and die with a clear conscience.

It’s a ‘dirty little secret’ in the history of the Meyerstown Psychiatric Hospital, that the townsfolk, and those in the know, still refuse to talk about.

**Be sure to check out the case files that have been added…cases will be added when more information is gathered**

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